Al fine di soddisfare le esigenze specifiche delle varie applicazioni i datalogger sono disponibili in diversi modelli e tipi di sensori. Per le specifiche complete, si rimanda alle tabelle di seguito

YL-RH20E HumiLog YL-RH25 HumiLog YL-RH23 RH/hPa Log YL-RH23E RH/hPa Log
Sensor type Integrated 1 x RH and 1x temperature 1 x external temperature and RH steel tube Integrated temperature and RH, 2 x external Pt1000 Built-in sensors 1 x temperature, 1 x RH, 1 x pressure Steel tube temperature and RH, 1 x internal pressure sensor
Temperature operating range with standard battery (CR2477N) -30...+70°C
Temperature operating range with high
temperature battery (CR2450HT)
Temperature operating range with
CR2477N battery *
-30 to +70°C by default *
Internal temperature sensor measuring
range & resolution
-40...+90°C & 0.01 K
Humidity sensor (internal & external) 0..100%RH / 0,01%RH
Condensation sensor bedewed / dry bedewed/dry bedewed/dry NA NA
Barometric pressure range/resolution NA NA NA 10 to 1100hPa / 0.1hPa 10 to 1100hPa / 0.1hPa

Barometric pressure accuracy @25°C
Absolute accuracy
Relative accuracy

NA NA NA ±1.5hPa
Dimensions   d x h (mm) 50/30
Memory capacity / optional upgrade 100,000 readings / 4 million readings
Interval 1 sec to 24h 1 sec to 24h 1 sec to 24h 1 sec to 24h
or Fastmode 2Hz
1 sec1 sec to 24h / Fastmode 2Hz
Enclosure Robust, shock-proof POM, protection class IP65 (dust and spray proof)
Standard lithium battery life 4 years @ 1 min. / 230 days @ 10 sec. / 25 days @ 1 sec.
Included in delivery Data logger, 1 battery, Software YoyoView, USB cable, manual, declaration of conformity
Optional YoyoView Plus Software, calibration certificate, wall holder,
lead seal kit

* Using the logger within the extended operating range requires the use of the CR2450HT battery


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